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PAYware Mobile FAQ

Q: How much memory does the PAYware Mobile app take?

A: Version 1.001 of the application consumes about 2.9 Megabytes of space on iPhone

(.01% of a 16g iPhone). Most iPhone applications are under 10MB for ease of

downloading over the air, with the average app size in the 3-4MB range.

Q: Which processors are certified on the PAYware Mobile Solution?

A: PAYware Mobile uses PAYware Connect as the gateway to credit card processing. All

major processors are supported. For a full list, please visit

Q: Can you have multiple iPhones set up on one reader?

A: One PAYware Mobile card encryption sleeve can support more than one iPhone.

However, each iPhone has to have only one merchant account.

Q: What are great markets for this solution?

A: Markets that are suitable for PAYware Mobile include door-to-door, contractors,

photography, direct marketing, and home services. Please visit the Market Solutions

area of the for specific details on these markets

and more.

Q: Can you resubmit a customer email receipt from the virtual terminal or

iPhone? If so, how long do you have, i.e. days, weeks, months to submit it?

A: You can not resubmit an email receipt. You can access transaction detail from the

gateway and print, fax, or export to a PDF file to attach in an email.

Q: Can you block refunds and voice auth transactions from the iPhone app?

A: Yes by setting the role via the gateway for that user to not allow voids or refunds.

Q: How do I download the application for the iPhone?

A: The application is available on the App Store. It can either be accessed through iTunes

or directly from your iPhone by pressing the App Store icon.

Q: How do I find the PAYware app in the iTunes store?

A: If you search for “VeriFone”, the app will come up.

Q: If the merchant isn’t in an area where they are receiving a 3G signal, can they

still process transactions?

A: Yes if they have Wi-Fi coverage. Data requires either 3G or Wi-Fi coverage.

Q: What iPhone is supported?

A: 3G and 3GS only.

Q: Which iPhone OS is supported?

A: 3.1.2 or higher.

Q: How do I become a reseller?

A: Please fill out the reseller form on

Q: Does the app accept gift/loyalty cards? What about PIN debit?

A: At this time, the application only supports credit cards. All major credit cards, including

American Express and Discover are accepted

Q: Does the Gateway access go through Authorize.Net or the PAYware Connect


A: The PAYware Mobile solution only supports the PAYware Connect gateway.

Q: What if our merchant provider doesn’t offer the PAYware Connect gateway?

A: All major processors are supported on PAYware Connect. Please visit the list of

certifications on

Q: What is used to swipe the card?

A: The PAYware Mobile card encryption sleeve has an integrated card reader.

Q: When will Blackberry and Android devices be supported?

A: Other devices will be supported in the future. To receive updates, please register on

Q: Is recurring billing an option on the iPhone app?

A: Not via the iPhone app, but it is available through the merchant console on the gateway.

Merchant console access is included at no additional charge with PAYware Mobile.

Q: Can you disable or block the phone to reduce abuse?

A: iPhone’s access to perform PAYware Mobile transactions can be disabled from the

merchant console on PAYware Connect.

Q: Is store and forward available?

A: No.

Q: Who supports the application for the merchant?

A: Level 1 support is provided by VeriFone.

Q: Is the merchant summary in real time?

A: Yes.

Q: Is there a development kit?

A: Not at this time.

Q: Where do I buy the hardware?

A: VeriFone has established a number of preferred partners that offer the PAYware Mobile

solution, similar to what we’ve done with our core products

Q: How do you handle Reg E requirements for printed receipts?

A: Reg E does not state that a paper receipt is a requirement. A receipt can be emailed to

the consumer upon their request. The merchant can print receipts from the PAYware

Connect gateway / Virtual Terminal.

Q: What happens to a transaction if iPhone loses connection?

A: If the connection is lost prior to submission you must re-run the transaction. To

Determine if the transaction went to the gateway, simply select “last transaction” from

the reports menu and it will show the last transaction successfully completed at the


Q: What standards or tests have been done to ensure proper environmental and

usage robustness, such as dust moisture, etc.?

A: The PAYware Mobile card encryption sleeve has been certified as an indoor electronics

device, similar to mobile handsets such as iPhone. Proper handling and care should be

given to the PAYware Mobile card encryption sleeve when using it in an outdoor

environment just like any other mobile device.

Q: Are there studies on how the PAYware Mobile card encryption sleeve affects

iPhone battery life?

A: PAYware Mobile card encryption sleeve has been designed to draw extremely low power

from the battery of the iPhone. The only time that PAYware Mobile card encryption

sleeve draws a material amount of power is when the read head is activated, during

which very little power is consumed over the short period the read head is active while

waiting for a card to swipe. iPhone battery life is entirely dependent upon operator

usage, however rest assured PAYware Mobile card encryption sleeve is not a major drain

of battery life.

Q: Does the card encryption sleeve work with the iPod Touch?

A: Yes but through manual entry only. The card encryption sleeve is not compatible with

iPod Touch.

Q: Can the iPhone use Wi-Fi?

A: Yes.

Q: Do you request a terminal or host file from the processor?

A: No, the application is downloaded from the App store via iTunes or iPhone. The

merchant account information is requested from the processor just like you do today for


Q: Are demo units available?

A: Currently we are filling merchant demand. Please register at

to receive information about future promotions.

Q: Can a printer be attached to the device to print out receipts?

A: No, but receipts can be emailed to the consumer directly after payment. Receipts can be

printed from the gateway console.

Q: How do you set yourself apart from the competition?

A: VeriFone has been the industry leader in secure payment solutions for more than twenty

years. The PAYware Mobile app is PA-DSS accepted and complies with all the latest

security requirements for credit card payments.

Q: If the merchant has an iPhone now how can I tell which one he has?

A: The OS is listed inside the phone.

Q: Can you explain the process to setup a merchant?

A: It’s simple. There are 4 steps:

1. Download the app from the iTunes store

2. Request merchant information from your current processor

3. Provide that information to the Preferred Partner to setup the PAYware Connect


4. Purchase the card encryption sleeve

Q: Is bar code reading available?

A: No.

Q: How long does a transaction take?

A: A transaction takes as long as it does via IP; 2-4 seconds.
Q: Do I need to become a reseller to offer this product?

A: Yes.

Q: Does this use SSL?

A: Yes.

Q: What SAQ will be completed for this application? Does it require SAQ B

because it enables face to face transactions?

A: VeriFone does not complete SAQ’s for merchants. The PAYware Mobile application is PADSS


Q: How do become a reseller of the gateway? Is this the same as being a reseller

of PAYware Mobile?

A: You become a reseller of the gateway by filling out the form on the PAYware Mobile

reseller page.

Q: Is PAYware Mobile available in US territories?

A: VeriFone does not prohibit use in US territories. Users, however, must be able to get a

merchant account and have data connectivity.

Q: Can the gateway be branded? What about the email containing the receipt

and the receipt itself?

Merchant logos can be added to the gateway console as well as the receipt. The receipt

also has space for additional marketing communications.

Q: What if the consumer does not have email to receive the receipt?

The receipt can be printed from the gateway console and mailed or faxed to the


Q: Is there an overall batch report that merchant can view to see their

transaction activity for the day?

A: Yes, there are numerous reports available from PAYware Connect.

Q: Does the receipt go to both the merchant and the customer? Can the receipt

be mailed to multiple customer email addresses?

A: No, the receipt can be emailed to only one email address but is available via the Console

in PAYware Connect for the merchant to view and print.

Q: Can a PAYware Mobile user set different permissions for different users within

the Same Unit/Terminal Device?

A: No, since there can only be one user per device.

Q: What is the timeframe of the version 2.0 coming out?

A: A new version will be released soon. Anyone that downloads the app will be notified via

an email notification from Apple when a new version is available.

Q: Is there a warranty on the VeriFone device?

A: The standard VeriFone warranty applies.

Q: Are all the software updates free?

A: Yes, all the app updates are free.

Q: Do you support PayPal as a processor?

A: No

  • 2 Year Contract Rates

    PAYware Mobile Reader FREE
    One Time Merchant Fee $99.00
    Monthly Maintenance $25.00
    Per Transaction Fee $0.30
    Length of Contract 2 Years
    Our Low Flat Rate 1.59%
  • Hardware Purchase Rates

    PAYware Mobile Reader $299.00
    One Time Merchant Fee $99.00
    Monthly Maintenance $39.00
    Per Transaction Fee $0.30
    Length of Contract None
    Our Low Flat Rate 1.59%