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Building Your Biz Dream Team

Posted by johns | Posted in PAYware Mobile | Posted on 08-06-2010 | 0 Comments

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Accept Credit Cards On Your Iphone And Get Help 24/7 On Tech!

You can’t do it alone. Business is a team sport, even for the solo practitioner. You need suppliers, mentors, consultants and customers (!) helping you. With the right technologies you can get more done in less
time and you don’t need to employ as many people.

Here are a couple of tools I’ve discovered recently which can help you in two profound areas of your business. This is all about getting you a competitive advantage and letting you be more profitable in your business without incurring a lot of expensive overhead.

Verifone PAYware Mobile For Your iPhone

If you’re mobile in your work with customers, you’ve probably had times when you wish you could accept credit card payment right on the spot. You find out immediately if the card is valid, you process it quickly and you can focus more on the customer. Today, with a new system from Verifone, you can do that on your 3G and 3Gs iPhone.

It consists of a device and some software you’ll download from the iTunes App store (software is free). Once you have the App software, you slide your iPhone into the “sled.” You swipe credit cards through this device
(very small) and it gives you the ability to process credit cards anywhere you can take your iPhone.

My first concern was for security. This system uses an encrypted end-to-end system as it processes the card. Because it uses a swipe method it is more stable from the start than entering a CC number. The system
uses the SSC (Security Standards Council) procedures for the latest security. It is one of the most secure methods of CC transmission available today.

For convenience, this is ideal. A small business owner can take it on sales calls and process everything needed for the transaction on the spot. You eliminate the delay and time-wasters that come from taking paper and other materials back to the office for processing.

Be aware, though, that you need to have a steady stream of business to justify it. You’ll pay a one-time boarding fee of $99. Then there is the monthly gateway service fee of $25. Plus you’ll have a per transaction fee of 30 cents. In addition to this you’ll be responsible for normal interchange/discount fees levied by processors and card brands. Bottom line: This is a great tool if you 1) Have a 3G or 3Gs iPhone and 2) (most
important!) You have sufficient business flowing on a monthly basis to justify the on-going monthly and per transaction costs. For those who qualify, this is a god-send.

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